For English teachers in particular

The author of the document below has given me permission to publish it on my website, which I am now happy to share with a larger audience.

The text is an example which is not far from some of the texts we - university lecturers in English - read regularly. As an English teacher, perhaps in Danish secondary or upper secondary school, you may find it interesting to see what kinds of errors we experience in the work of some English students at the universities in Denmark. You may perhaps want to discuss language as well as writing skills with colleagues? Or you may just want to have a good laugh (be careful to keep your coffee away from your keyboard while reading).

Oh, and in case you don't know, Fluffy Galore translates effectively into 'Luft I Massevis' in Danish. I will leave it to you to explore why.


Communicating Interculturally

Sprogforum 66: Engelsk på arbejde

Here you will find an interview of me about my article in Sprogforum 66 (in Danish):

Language  consulting: English and Danish

A language is formed by systematic connections wired into a complex network of both automatic and conscious processes …

Learning a language may be a turbulent experience, but it is also an enriching experience through which you develop your communicative insight into what language is all about.

Making an effort ultimately pays off: You end up with better, more effective language skills.


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